Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Cyprus Estates will protect the privacy of its website visitors and undertakes a commitment not to share or sell any personal information to third parties. Personal Information is not required in order to have access to our website. Any information provided will be treated in strict confidence and will be used only for the purpose it was provided.

Records of any personal details submitted in relation to a request for information on any specific property can be removed from our database at any time in the future, if the investor requests so.

Cyprus Estates takes all reasonable care to ensure that the information contained on this website is accurate. However, we cannot guarantee its accuracy and we reserve the right to change the information on this website at any time.

Cyprus Estates makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to this website or the content contained on it, including any text, graphics, advertisements, links or other items. Further more, neither Cyprus Estates nor any other contributor to this website make any representation or gives any warranty, condition, undertaking or term either expressed or implied as to the condition, quality, performance, accuracy, fitness for purpose, completeness or freedom from viruses of the content contained on this website or that such content will be accurate, up to date, uninterrupted or error free.

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