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About Us

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Cyprus Property Market

Created by the owners of Berlin Estates (www.berlinestates.co) and UK Estates (www.ukestates.co), Cyprus Estates offers to prospective investors looking to enter the Cyprus property market, a bespoke “One-Stop-Shop” service with the international expertise acquired over many years of offering this service in the markets of Germany and the UK.

A Unique Advantage

Our international know-how and expertise, combined with the fact that we are Cypriot with deep knowledge of the Cyprus real estate market, gives Cyprus Estates a unique advantage. Our experience acquired over several years of dealing with international clientele from 12 countries (Russia, Belarus, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, UK, France, Sweden, Israel, USA, Poland and Singapore) is the guarantee of a successful transaction.

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Available Properties

We will organize a tour of the best available Cyprus properties with on-site visits to the building sites and showrooms of projects, meetings with the top management and owners of Cyprus’ most prestigious development companies, and then have meetings organized with experienced lawyers, tax experts and passport acquisition consultants, so as to provide so as to provide information on every necessary detail that a real estate investor should know before proceeding with an investment.

Our clients will be introduced directly to the owners or top management of all the developments we will suggest. We will arrange meetings (free of charge) with the consultancy firm that has the biggest number of successful passport applications through the Passport by property acquisition program, boasting a 100% success rate.

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