Living in Cyprus

Living in Cyprus and enjoying the exceptional weather sounds like a very solid foundation for an enjoyable life.
A beautiful island
Cyprus is the island of the beautiful goddess Aphrodite, who according to legend rose from the sea just outside Paphos. And Cyprus is a beautiful island. Most places in this world are beautiful and it will always depend a lot on personal taste.
If you are living in Cyprus you will find places that are very special, whether it will be the rugged areas to the west, the mountains in the center around Troodos, the beautiful beaches along the south coast or the higher lands surrounding Nicosia. Unless you really only enjoy green foggy moors that is. There are none of them in Cyprus.
Cost of living in Cyprus
It is difficult to say anything overall about living costs in Cyprus as it depends on what you compare it with and where you come from. It is not as cheap as it used to be before Cyprus joined the euro and had the Cypriot Pound.
But very few things are expensive and most goods and commodities are average priced compared to the rest of Europe. Many daily groceries are around 10-20% cheaper than in Northern Europe.
Pace of life in Cyprus
Cyprus is a Mediterranean country, so it will be no surprise to you that the pace of life is mostly slow and relaxed. Sigá-sigá (slowly slowly) as we say (a lot) in Cyprus. This relaxed pace of life obviously have its perks, although it from time to time can be slightly annoying. For example when your electricity is out and it doesn’t seem like anyone is rushing to fix it. But you will quickly get used to it and learn to love it.
And remember, just because the general life in Cyprus generally operates at a slow pace, it is you that decide when you want the pace to pick up. As in most other places in the world, it is up to you, what you want to spend your time doing and how you want to do it.
It is really good to be able to work hard and yet still have plenty of time to relax a lot with family, friends and hobbies. Cyprus offers just that.
Finding your new home
Once you have decided to move to Cyprus you will need to find a place to live. As mentioned above this is one of the main benefits of living in Cyprus. There is also always a good deal to be made in the property market in Cyprus. The country has a rich history of particularly British expats moving here and a lot of properties have been constructed during the years. The construction of properties in a variety of price classes continue and that means there are always plenty of properties for sale in Cyprus.
For you, it is all about making sure that you get a good deal and the perfect new home for you and your family’s future.
Source: Cyprus Ninja