Island of Love

Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, is said to have risen from the waves that crash on the shores of Cyprus. The supreme goddess of love and beauty knew what she was doing when she chose the lovely Cyprus as the site of her emergence from the seafoam. Specifically, locals believe she chose Aphrodite's Rock near Paphos (Pafos) as the perfect spot to enter the mortal world.
The island of Cyprus is a fascinating land of contrasts. It has some of the most sophisticated cities in the region, and yet, a short distance away, you can feel as if you have stepped back into a previous century, not just the 19th, but far back to a time when people pursued simpler pleasures. Drop into almost any taverna, or join the locals at a town market, and you will feel the atmosphere of a way of life that has remained essentially the same for centuries. The island has a long and facinating history, where idols, ruins and temples, graves and goddesses make up the fabric of everyday life.
Cyprus is deservedly called the "Island of Love and paradise island".
Source: Aphrodite Moments