Mini-conference on Startup growth

The job market in Cyprus is slowly growing while social media has introduced new jobs where people can make money online without moving from their home or while travelling the world. The market is changing with a shift towards creating your own empire, and startups are popping up like crazy, yet how many of them survive is the real struggle.
Presenting the power and troubles of building and growing a startup comes a one-day mini conference on January 31 titled Startups and Agile in Cyprus, inviting all those who think are ready to take their startup to the next level.
Organised by Cyprus Agile and Innovation and, the organisers want to provide business owners with safe and strategic tools and steps.
It looks like you had a very successful recipe and now you feel ready to grow even more. You think you have what it takes to grow the numbers and increase revenue and be even more successful. That is absolutely fantastic news and everyone is looking forward to this growth, but are you really ready for this?” they ask.
They also talk about the four stages to go through to get to the desired goal, having in mind the right tools to use for scaling, the right way to remove impediments, the right way to build an identity and a plan for employee retention.
During the conference, speakers and panel discussion participants will share their experience on how a startup could scale based on the agile framework, how to get the idea into a real startup, agile HR, its role and values and tools and techniques that startups could use.
Startups and Agile in Cyprus Mini-conference on startups success. January 31. Tasos Papadopoulos building, Nicosia. 6pm-9pm. Free.
Source: Cyprus Mail