New year to see important projects for Larnaca

Three new large-scale projects are expected to begin in Larnaca within 2019, Larnaca mayor Andreas Vyras said on Wednesday.
The projects include a community centre, a stormwater drainage network and pumping station, and a multi-purpose cultural space.
“On January 7 construction is expected to begin on the transformation of the municipality’s community centre,” Vyras said, referring to the plans to create a multi-purpose space for sports and entertainment to serve the needs of various groups such as immigrants and low-income earners, and which will host the municipality’s educational programmes, as well as its solidarity and cultural events.
The total cost of the project is expected to reach €4.2m, and is expected to be completed in 15 months, Vyras told the Cyprus News Agency.
The second large project to begin in January is the pumping station S9 (T1), the contract for which was signed on 18 December 2018.The cost of the project is estimated at €6.93m and is expected to be completed in around 65 weeks.
The project, which constitutes a flood defence measure, the mayor said, “is expected to relieve the Mitropolis-Xrisopolitissas areas from their serious flooding problem.”
The project involves the construction of a stormwater drainage network of a total length of around 1,100 metres; the construction of a large pumping station (T1) which will be capable of pumping 11 cubic metres per second; and the construction of pipelines on Spyrou Kyprianou avenue.
“The drainage network will then be connected with sewerage pipes constructed by the Larnaca sewerage board in view of the second phase of the sewerage system works,” Vyras said.
The third large-scale development, the mayor added, which is expected to be complete in 18 months, is the renovation of the Larnaca Club, which will be transformed into a multi-purpose space for creativity and culture.
The project is expected to cost a total of €1.5m, and will “possibly be co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, in the context of the operational programme ‘competitiveness and sustainable development 2014-2020’,” Vyras added.
The multi-purpose space will contain workshop spaces for new artists, an exhibition space, a small restaurant, and the courtyard will be renovated so as to host periodic exhibitions and small events.
Source: Cyprus Mail